SEO for Escape Rooms – Part One: Crawlable Pages

Check out part one of our founder Brad Kendall’s informative SEO series on EscapeFront.

Here is a quick preview:

Why walk when you can crawl?

An important part of SEO is having a website that search engine crawlers can understand!

Text Trumps Visuals

SEO for Escape Rooms Crawlable Pages

To make it easy for spiders/crawlers to understand the content on your webpage, all important information should be in a TEXT readable format. That’s right folks, spiders read HTML, not visuals.

Images, videos, flash files, embeddable formats, and other non-text content are all basically invisible to the spiders. Unfortunately, many booking systems are incorporated into your website in an embeddable format that is unreadable to crawlers. I have seen many escape room websites where some of the most important information searchers are looking for (room name, description, number of players, availability, hours, etc.) is being completely ignored by search engines!

You may believe Google can see images, and to some extent, Google’s image recognition software is pretty sophisticated. But what you need to understand is that search engines cannot actually “see.” Rather, they start by looking at the ALT text set on the image, and then at the content surrounding the images on the page to determine their context.

As such, you must ensure that you have ALT tags on the important images you include. Similarly, it is helpful to include a written transcript of any video or audio files.

Ok, let’s get started!


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