alt="desktop computer showing EscapeAssist's customizable escape room leaderboard ranking the fastest teams to escape”

Customizable Leadboard

EscapeAssist’s escape room leaderboard is customizable. You decide how you want the winning teams to be displayed. You can design the look and feel of the leaderboard, organize the layout of the columns, and choose what time span to display.

alt=”possible horizontal layout of winning teams using EscapeAssist’s customizable leaderboard app”
alt=”laptop displaying hint usage data collected by EscapeAssist's as part of its leaderboard system”

Game Analytics

EscapeAssist’s software automatically tracks each team’s hint usage. Determining when players consistently need hints can help you improve the flow of your game.

Flexible Display Options

EscapeAssist’s leaderboard is very flexible. You can monitor your leaderboard, show it on your website, and display it in your escape room lobby.

alt=”TV displaying EscapeAssist’s leaderboard demonstrating how a leaderboard can be shown on an escape room website or in a lobby”