Booking System

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alt="cell phone showing booking notifications automatically sent to escape room owners and players by EscapeAssist's booking software”


EscapeAssist’s booking system will send you and your customers notifications for every event in the booking cycle. These include booking confirmations, appointment reminders, and follow up emails.


Impress customers with a polished, professional booking system that is easy to use. For example, the “Book Now” buttons lead to different calendar views based on player actions. For example a player may want to see a general calendar of all rooms, or see available tickets for a specific room.

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EscapeAssist’s sleek user friendly booking system is fully integrated into your escape room website. Players will not be faced with annoying redirects to third party booking sites.

Increased Conversions

Typically over 80% of customers abandon checkouts before completing their purchase. Beat that statistic with EscapeAssist’s fast, mobile friendly checkout. We also track shopping cart abandonment so you can send emails to woo people back to your website.

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alt="laptop showing the website for EscapeAssist’s secure payment processor Stripe, who processes all escape room bookings”

Secure Payments

EscapeAssist does not touch your money. Our booking software is integrated with respected payment provider Stripe. Stripe will ensure that your booking transactions are fast and secure!

Split Bookings

EscapeAssist’s booking system encourages large teams to book your escape room. Often one player is scared to front the entire cost of the game, because their friends may not pay them back. Our booking software allows split bookings, so each member of the team can pay their own share.

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alt="laptop showing available game slots at flexible times thanks to EscapeAssist's schedule optimization tool: cascading bookings”

Optimized Schedule

Rather than organizing each day into strict hourly slots, EscapeAssist automatically optimizes available times based on player booking preferences. For example, players can choose from flexible time slots at 1:00, 1:15, 1:30, etc. Once a player books a slot we will automatically shift your schedule accordingly.

Set Maximum Concurrent Bookings

EscapeAssist allows you to set how many bookings you can handle at a time. For example, you may have 4 rooms, but only 2 staff. You can easily set maximum concurrent bookings to “2.”  Once you have 2 bookings, the other rooms will automatically appear unavailable, and your staff will not be overwhelmed!

alt="laptop showing blocked out game slots because an escape room is using EscapeAssist's maximum concurrent bookings feature”