How much does EscapeAssist’s all-in-one software cost?

EscapeAssist does not charge any monthly/annual fees for our all-in-one escape room software. Instead, we simply add a $0.69/player booking fee when a player books online. Escape room owners have the option to absorb the fee, or pass it on to their customers. Absolutely everything is included (website builder, booking system, game manager, digital waiver, custom team photo maker, etc.)

What payment processor does EscapeAssist use?

We partner with Stripe as our payment processor.

Will I be locked into a contract?

No, we have no contracts, EscapeAssist customers are welcome to come and go as they please. It is our job to work hard and keep you as a client!

Are there any minimums?

Since we only make money when you get bookings, we aim to partner with successful escape rooms. We do not require a minimum number of bookings. However, EscapeAssist reserves the right to discontinue an account if costs outweigh productivity.

Does EscapeAssist have a free trial?

We are willing to give you a live demo walkthrough. In addition, you are free to explore our escape room software on your own as long as you want. We do not earn any money until you connect your payment processor to our servers and start processing online bookings.

What if I want to keep my existing website?

No problem. Our EscapeAssist booking system can be easily embedded into an existing website. We are also happy to import all of your contacts from your former booking software when you switch to EscapeAssist.

What devices does EscapeAssist software work on?

Our escape game software works on any Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, Android or Chrome Book. Our system is very flexible, so you can choose to run the entire game from a single device, or use multiple devices for different parts of the game. For example, some of our customers use a tablet to check-in players with our digital waiver, a laptop for the game master to run the game, and a cell phone to take the team photo.

Will my games be interrupted if my Wifi goes down?

EscapeAssist is happy to provide both an online and offline version of our game management software. If you are concerned about your location having a poor internet connection feel free to download EscapeAssist’s offline game manager! Your game master can deliver hints, manage the timer, and control multimedia effects anywhere/anytime, without depending on an internet connection.

What countries does EscapeAssist Software work in?

EscapeAssist currently services escape room companies in the UK, USA, and Canada. We hope to expand to additional countries in the future.

What customer support does EscapeAssist offer?

Our software was designed exclusively for escape rooms, and we understand the odd hours escape room owners work. EscapeAssist is a service-orientated company, and we provide very flexible customer support.

Our efficient customer support ticketing system can be found at https://escapeassist.com/support. Customers can search existing articles/documentation about the software, or submit questions, concerns, feature requests, or other feedback by creating a ticket. Our staff are always happy to answer questions or walk you through any (or all) steps of the software personally.