Player Follow-Up

alt="desktop computer showing custom team photo posted to social media using EscapeAssist's team photo builder and player follow-up tool”
alt=”laptop showing EscapeAssist’s custom team photo editor used to personalize team photos with logo, team name, and escape time”

Personalized Team Photos

EscapeAssist helps with player follow-up by creating branded team photos for each of your escape rooms. You can use our easy to use drag and drop editor to style team photos with a themed frame, logo, team name, and escape time. Personalized team photos really stand out on social media sites!

Automatic Posting

EscapeAssist’s software automatically sends out team photos and thank you emails at the end of each game. You can post the team photo to all your social media accounts with the click of a button. You also have the option to edit the pre-loaded text to add a little more customization to your posts and email messages.

alt="tablet showing how escape room owners can use EscapeAssist software to personalize automatic follow-up emails and social media posts”