Doors with EscapeAssist All-In-One Software features: website, booking system, game manager, waiver, leaderboard, follow-up


Manage hints, timer, and multimedia effects with our customizable game manager. We even have an offline version of the game manager so your game will not be interrupted by internet outages.

Manage bookings and optimize your schedule with EscapeAssist's dynamic booking software. Our flexible system can handle private or public bookings, various player types, coupons, and even split bookings.

EscapeAssist's easy to use website builder helps you make a fast loading, search engine optimized, mobile friendly website with a fully integrated booking system.

Check-in players with our pre-written digital waiver, and gather contact information for all players, not just the one that booked.

EscapeAssist tracks game progress/hint use, and automatically updates your leaderboard so you can display team results on your website or lobby.

Design a personalized team photo that includes your logo, team name, and escape time. We can automatically post it to your social media sites and send follow-up emails to players.

alt="laptop, tablet, and cell phone representing the various devices compatible with EscapeAssist’s all-in-one escape room software”

Device Compatibility

Our software functions on any Mac, PC, or Chromebook, and you can pick up a game at any point in the process–using any device. For example, some users prefer to check-in players with a tablet, run the game from a desktop, and take team photos with a cell phone. Alternatively, you can manage everything from a single device!

We understand that escape room owners do not have 9-5 work days, so we have flexible customer support staff ready to help you...and willing to work around your busy schedule.

Our software was built from the ground up specifically for escape rooms. It includes custom features requested by escape room owners, and fixes common problems escape rooms face.

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Who Are We?

EscapeAssist was created by escape room enthusiasts who recognized the need for an All-In-One Escape Room Management System. Escape room owners used to have to rely on separate game control software, online booking systems, and website designers, but EscapeAssist has everything all in one place!


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