SEO for Escape Rooms – Part Three: Authoritative Content

Check out part three of our founder Brad Kendall’s informative SEO series on EscapeFront.

Here is a preview:

Content is king when it comes to websites! When creating content, the main thing to keep in mind is quality over quantity.

Creating quality content involves understanding your target audience, having authoritative people create/share your content, and crafting useful content in an attractive way.

SEO for Escape Rooms Authoritative Content

Understand Your Target Audience

First and foremost, you need to be knowledgeable and passionate about escape rooms. You should understand how escape rooms work, both from the owner’s side and the player’s side. That way, you can clearly explain the concept of escape games to your customers – many of whom have never heard of an escape room.

You need to understand what players are looking for (fun birthday party, romantic date night, corporate team building event, etc.) and be able to explain how an escape game is the perfect fit.

You also need to be aware of common concerns players have when choosing an escape room. For example, many players wonder if the game will be too scary, if it will be too difficult, or if it is suitable for children.

You should also do some research on player preferences. For example, what prices are players comfortable paying for an escape game? Are private or public games more popular in your area? What time of the day/week do most people play escape games?

Once you understand your audience, you can provide information on your website that appeals to them.


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